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Tango Vom Heydpark - ja, to je uradno ime našega kužka Tangota, ki ga enostavno obožujemo. Naši družini se je pridružil 1. aprila 2017 in vse od takrat nas vsakodnevno razveseljuje z nagajivostjo, nežnostjo in predvsem veliko veliko ljubezni.

Ampak Tango ne prihaja iz Slovenije, marveč iz Nemčine. Natančneje iz Dusseldorfa - iz ene največjih psarn za Shih-Tzuje v Evropi - Vom Heydpark.

Naš Tango Vom Heydpark - naša ljubezen, ko je bil še mladiček v psarni

Želimo predstaviti srčnost lastnice Carole Vorderstemann in njenih prikupnih Shih-Tzujev. Z njo smo se pogovarjali in izvedeli marsikaj zanimivega o sami psarni in o pasmi Shih-Tzu.

PS: Pogovor je v angleškem jeziku ...

1. From where does exist your love for Shih-Tzu breed?

My mother Ruth Vorderstemann, was dog lover since she was a child. She discoverd the breed 1967 in a dog show in Berlin and was falling in love at once. This dog was Samten von Tschomo-Lungma ,who shortly after dog Show, came to live with us .

2. How old is your kennel?

It was founded in 1945 for Poodle and Terrier. Then Shih-Tzu breed since 1966.

3. Why name of your kennel – Vom Heydpark? Does this name have special meaning?

My mother wanted to name the kennel after the english Hydepark in London. At that time it was not allowed to use foreigner names .That's why my mother changed the letters to make it a German name.

4. How would you describe character of Shih-Tzu dog?

The Shih-Tzu is a perfect family dog, easy to educate and to live with. When we look at the history, we learn, that these dogs were bred to share the life with their owners. To be their companion, no working, no toy breed dog at all!

5. What is physical look of Shih-Tzu? Is there any difference between breed (american, eastern etc)? 

Small, but heavy, compact dog, high carriage of head and tail, which gives them that special look of a proud, independent dog . The breed standard says it all.

In USA for example the breed is in toy group. Maybe that is the reason, the Shih-Tzu there is more made lookalike pretty dolls than a companie dog. For me another big problem, not only in ShihTzu, is the exaggerated grooming of the show dogs in some countries.

6. How does your day with all of your Shih-Tzu's look like?

Feeding, cleaning, grooming, training, playing, cuddles, ...
As my dogs live in a bigger group ( show dogs are not kept separately) they do a lot under themselves, they have a kind of kindergarden and a big garden to enjoy . They do live with me in the house, no kennels. Only when I'm not at home, some are separated in rooms or small parks. They are also separated when bitches are in season.

7. Do you go to dog exibitions?

I go to shows around one to two times a months, and I still like it to present my dogs around Europe. A few years ago my male Finley went to Sweden for six months to spent wonderful holidays there and became Swedish Champion.

8. What kind of food your dogs eat? Raw, kibbles, cold pressed? What do you recommend?

I feed different kind of food . They have cereals mixes with canned food or fresh meat. Or with a bouillon from the cooked chicken I do for the little mummy's.

But they also like dry food and fish. Fresh vegetables and fruits and some biscuits before going to bed. I my opinion every food is good for a dog as long they have no problems with it.

9. What kind of people should be the owner of Shih-Tzu?

The Shih-Tzu is a perfect family member, easy to educate, playful. Very often they love to learn little tricks and they are just happy to be with their people.

Because of its size he can join most events with us. If his owners are active he loves it. If he just wants to rest, he is joining us, happy just to be with us. If the weather is bad, Shih-Tzu are also satisfied with a short walk and then employ themselves with his toys or with his owners.

10. What would you like to say to all future owners of Shih-Tzu? 

People which are interested in this lovely breed should be careful to buy from a serious breeder, who takes care of the correct breed type, temperament and health .

And not where they are produced for commerce in fancy colors and small sizes.

Carola Vorderstemann - Heydpark Shih-Tzu

Carola je izjemna ženska, ki ima neverjetno rada vse živali. Njeni kužki živijo kot kralji in to se pozna tudi na mojemu Tangu. Je kuža, brez katerega si ne znam predstavljati življenja. Hvala Caroli za ta čudovit pogovor in hvala za mojega Tangota ❤️

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